Why Are Canadians So Upset About The Abuse, Neglect And Deaths In Our Long Term Care Homes? ©

By Karen Henderson They are coming out of the woodwork—politicians, ex-politicians, lawyers, doctors, academics, citizens—exclaiming, even raging about the deplorable conditions now exposed in our care homes. Let’s back up. Twenty years ago, my father lived in a care home; since I could not be there for hours every day, I was forced to hire private caregivers to ensure my father was fed, bathed and [...]

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Summer 2017 News & Views

Elder Care Takes a Village – Meet Silver Sherpa! As you may know, I’m an expert in long term care planning, but many of my clients also want need help in carrying out the plan or coping with unexpected emergencies. As we all know, elder care is a maze, so it’s very important to have a team who understands it at your side. Therefore I’m excited [...]

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Fall 2016 News & Views

Karen is now available…In a manner of speaking… :) As you may know, my expertise is in the areas of aging, eldercare and long term care planning—undeniable issues as our population ages. Not only am I an accomplished speaker, writer and course developer for these topics, but I am also an educator and coach for professional advisors and their clients. I am a Living Benefits professional. [...]

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Canadians Are Substituting Talk For Action

A new survey by Edward Jones reveals that while Canadians say they value the financial well-being of their families and their own quality of life in old age, many are not investing in key forms of protection to safeguard these assets. While almost two thirds (64 per cent) say they have purchased life insurance, other important forms of protection, including disability (23 per cent), critical illness [...]

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Canadians missing the self care boat

According to a recent Conference Board of Canada research project report, Canadians are not any healthier than they were a decade ago, despite having much more knowledge of what makes up a healthy lifestyle, “An alarming number of Canadians are moving very little, sitting too long, eating poorly, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, and continuing to smoke,” said Thy Dinh, Senior Research Associate. [...]

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Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

When news about a startling new insight into the cause of Alzheimer’s disease first emerged in 2005, it was highly speculative. But now the evidence for it has become very strong: Alzheimer’s is a form of diabetes, and the name being given to it is type 3. […]

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What’s Karen been up to?

Family Consulting I am delighted to announce I am growing my family consulting practice. I’ll outline briefly a case I am working on now, which concerns my client, a 60-year old son and his 85-year old mother. […]

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Karen in the media

In addition to being featured the above mentioned Financial Post Magazine, I was recently asked to participate on a panel for the CBC’s Radio One show The Current. The show topic: Palliative care experts say it's time for Canadians to talk about end of life care. The program opened with an interview with U.S. oncologist Dr. Atul Gawande who has written a wonderful book “Being Mortal: [...]

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Spring 2013 Views

On April 24 I spoke at HUB’s Professional Development Day. My topic: Long Term Care and The Devil Called Denial. The room was full and at the conclusion of my talk there was a run on myAdvisorwise Care Planning Program. I feel the winds are finally starting to change; advisors are seeing the potential –both financially and ethically – to talk to their clients about long term care [...]

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John Moody, Founder of Family Transitions

I believe in finding the best person to do the best job. Therefore I continue to search for people to add to my network who in turn may assist you, the professional advisor. I would like to introduce you to John Moody, Founder of Family Transitions. He excels at estate settlement, asset documentation and organizing finances. How can Family Transitions help you/your clients? John focuses on finding [...]

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Dave Aschaiek, Founder of High5Financial

I would also like to introduce you to Dave Aschaiek, Founder of High5Financial. Dave specializes in financial and dispute resolution to support caregivers of the elderly. According to a 2006 Health Council of Canada Survey, roughly 41 percent of caregivers have used personal savings to provide care. Another 22 percent reported missing one or more months of work in order to manage caregiving duties. Another recent study [...]

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So what’s missing from the CLHIA recommendations?

The conclusion reads: “The life and health insurance industry feels strongly that the time for reform is now in order to prepare for the needs that long-term care will face. Our industry stands ready to play an important role in supporting governments and stakeholders in the reforms that will prepare the long-term care system to meet future demands.” If this is so, then why is the [...]

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