I would also like to introduce you to Dave Aschaiek, Founder of High5Financial. Dave specializes in financial and dispute resolution to support caregivers of the elderly.

According to a 2006 Health Council of Canada Survey, roughly 41 percent of caregivers have used personal savings to provide care. Another 22 percent reported missing one or more months of work in order to manage caregiving duties.

Another recent study in the US concluded that 1 in 10 caregivers feel that the responsibility of supporting a loved one is not shared equally with others.
Left unmanaged, the potential for financial stress can become immense and the possibility of conflict becomes very high.

My unique one of a kind service combines the skills of a financial advisor with that of a mediator with the objective of placing caregivers in a position to best support their loved ones. This includes understanding the existing financial positions of all parties involved, resolving any disputes, having the parties make the best care based decisions possible, building a plan moving forward and periodic reviews.

A fixed hourly rate will be charged for all consumer services.

If you would like to speak to Dave about his services, he can be reached at 416.662.1739 ordave@high5financial.com.