I believe in finding the best person to do the best job. Therefore I continue to search for people to add to my network who in turn may assist you, the professional advisor.

I would like to introduce you to John Moody, Founder of Family Transitions. He excels at estate settlement, asset documentation and organizing finances.

How can Family Transitions help you/your clients?

John focuses on finding personal and practical approaches to resolving each issue brought to him. Family Transitions provides the following services:

  • Estate Executor
  • Power of Attorney
  • Financial and household administration such as bill payments, organizing paper work, dealing with the details that many people do not want, or cannot attend to
  • Bookkeeping and developing informative financial reports
  • Engaging Legal, Accounting, Financial Advisors when required.
  • Dealing with Revenue Canada on personal and corporate tax issues, HST, payroll deductions, Non-Residency
  • Co-ordinating the sale of a home, helping with the difficult decisions and organizing the move
  • Other time consuming contracting of home projects, assisting in car purchases and small maintenance issues
  • Providing assistance in any area that affects individuals in life transitions.

If you would like to speak to John about his services, he can be reached at 416-694-7369 orjohn@familytransitions.ca.