On April 24 I spoke at HUB’s Professional Development Day. My topic: Long Term Care and The Devil Called Denial. The room was full and at the conclusion of my talk there was a run on myAdvisorwise Care Planning Program.

I feel the winds are finally starting to change; advisors are seeing the potential –both financially and ethically – to talk to their clients about long term care planning/insurance.

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In spite of all the talk and the meetings and lunches, family caregivers continue to suffer. Here is a very frustrated, angry and exhausted friend’s comment:

“Mum is better since she is off the drugs. I am sickened by what I see going on in long term care, however I understand why, but it really isn’t very good. God help those without advocates to help protect them. The system is like a steamroller in action with no one at the wheel until the STOP sign goes up and everyone runs for cover.

Sometimes, I think that I am the one who is seeing this differently. I feel for the people who work in long term care and I know they have a very tough job. It cannot be easy for them based upon the number of patients that are in their care and the hours they work each day. I suppose everyone tries to rationalize this process, but I think if our children’s’ day cares operated like this, everyone would be outraged. Why are we dealing with the beginning and ending of life in such a different way?!!!”