We all take delight in planning for vacations and special events but when it comes to planning for old age, we literally run the other way. Aging and long term care only happen to other people, so we don’t need to talk about them – at least not yet. Why does this happen?

  • It won’t happen to me
  • The government will look after me
  • My spouse will look after me
  • The kids will look after me
  • I’ll have enough money
  • I won’t outlive my money

Misinformation, lack of knowledge about care costs or not knowing where to start can stop us from doing the planning we all need to complete.

How can the Long Term Care Planning Network help?

We have developed a full range of products and services to meet your care planning educational and resource needs – as well as your time and budget constraints.

How do I get started?

Planning for aging and care needs can be daunting – but we’re making it easy to take the first step.  Download your own copy of the LTC Readiness Questionnaire/User Guide, our gift to you. Take the time to complete it and contact us for next steps.

You’ll be glad you did.