Karen Henderson – Founder/CEO Long Term Care Planning Network

As the result of a challenging 14 – year dementia care experience, Karen Henderson founded the Long Term Care Planning Network, Canada’s leading on and off-line resource centre for aging and long term care. Her seminar series, web sites, newsletters, TV/video series and Long Term Care Planner are internationally recognized as key aging and long term care educational and resource tools.

Karen is now a well-known educator, speaker, writer, media commentator, publisher and consultant in the field of long term care. She has been published in leading geriatric journals in Canada and has spoken across Canada and in the U.S. to a wide variety of organizations from hospitals to law firms.

Karen has been featured frequently on television and radio and has written many articles about her personal long term care experience. In 2006 Karen became a Stephen Minister, then a Stephen Leader in her church, roles that have further trained her to work with individuals struggling with aging, grief, loneliness, hospitalization or a terminal illness.

How Karen Can Help

  • She can consult with you/your family regarding accommodation options, home care, dementia care and family communication issues
  • She can guide you through the long term care planning process
  • She can educate you regarding the role of long term care insurance in your financial planning

 Karen has also created seminars, keynote presentations and lunch ’n learns for organizations across Canada ranging from law firms to small caregiver support groups.

 Client Seminar Attendee Testimonials

 *Karen, thank you is not enough to say for all the care, pain, and love you put in this presentation. It was more than I could have hoped for….Keep moving on – you are making a huge difference!

*Excellent speaker, so real and to the point. I believe your journey will benefit many. I know I am more knowledgeable because of what you shared and how you presented. God bless you.

Attendee-Bereavement Ontario Conference

*I have done many seminars on long term care over the last 5 years. I was totally floored by your

presentation and knowledge. M. Cohen  Concord, ON

*When it came to a caregiving presentation, the only name everyone could agree on was Karen Henderson’s!   L. Herratt  Etobicoke, ON

*On behalf of our group I want to extend our appreciation to you for your great presentation. I don’t think I have ever had so many positive remarks about any speaker before. Sincerely Karen, we were taken with your passion for the topic.  I know they will be after me to ask you again.  S. Izenberg Toronto, ON

*As a professional, I found Karen’s session on the Twenty Steps to be invaluable…a great way for us to better learn how to refer our clients to other much – needed services.  S. Coppas  Halton, ON

*In all (and complete honesty) you were the highlight of my course last year. Your talk about your Dad, and the issues related to being a daughter and caregiver left my students (and myself) spellbound. You said it in a way that they understood, punctuated with honesty and humour. You can see why I want you back!!   M. Shilton, Sheridan College, Toronto, ON

*Your talk to the Canadian Club was excellent. It met what I figure are the criteria for a good Canadian Club address: relevant, timely, well organized, clearly presented by a speaker who knew her subject and had a passionate interest in communicating her message effectively to her audience. R. Rice Kingston, ON

*I thought today’s seminar was excellent!  You did a fine job of presenting an extremely difficult subject. Although my parents died when I was quite young, I have an elderly aunt that will require extended care eventually. I found myself almost in tears several times. Thank you for addressing a very delicate issue with such finesse!  M.E. Mitchell Toronto, ON

*We were delighted to have you as our first guest speaker for the Lecture Series on Caregiving. The audience was extremely interested and motivated by your lecture. You truly reached out to those individuals caring for their aging parents and provided them with practical solutions to resolve their problems. Knowing there are no easy answers to these difficult situations, you were able to inform family members that they have choices and that options are available. R. Rideout, Queen’s University Kingston,ON

*Dear Karen—Your presentation last Wednesday was just the shot in the arm that I needed.  You made me dredge up feelings of guilt and fear, recognize them and lay them on the table—Thank you!

Liz,  Peterborough, ON.

*Karen makes a great connection with her audience.  She confidently delivers a very powerful message, while responding with compassion to the individuals and their situations.  She is a great speaker!

Kathryn Z., Toronto, ON

*You are an amazing woman; thank you for your passion and honesty.  Attendee, U of T Family Care

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