Dementia/Alzheimer’s update

As you may know, the subject of dementia is invariably included in the presentations I make …for very good reason. Of the leading causes of death, Alzheimer’s disease is the only one for which there is no way to prevent it, cure it or slow its progression. Right now in Canada a new case of Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed every 5 minutes; by 2031 a new [...]

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Karen can’t believe it…The U.S. 90+ Study

I know a great deal about aging but this study surprised even me. They are called "the oldest old ‘ – those who are people age 90 and above, and they are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population. Yet very little is known about the oldest old, since until recently, there were so few of them. So what determines which of us will make it [...]

Karen can’t believe it…The U.S. 90+ Study2014-05-21T17:46:49+00:00

Alzheimer’s Disease: Will It Become An Epidemic?

From the deeply forgetful we learn that love - not cognitive capacity - is the deepest human need and reality. In our aging society, an attitude of gratitude for those who have lost in large measure the very story of their lives is a necessity. —Stephen G. Post. President of The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland January is [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease: Will It Become An Epidemic?2013-07-02T18:00:25+00:00
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