Karen has worked with professional advisors – financial, legal, accounting, insurance, human resources – and their clients since 2003. Karen offers courses, workshops, seminars, webinars and keynotes for both advisors and clients/employees; in addition, she has created content for The Elder Planning Counsellor (EPC) Designation Course, the CSI Course – Advanced Retirement Management Strategies, and The Certified Professional Consultant On Aging (CPCA) Designation Course; for the past three years Karen has taught a course on long term care planning for Ryerson University’s LIFE Institute. She also creates content for newsletters, social media and web sites.

When you ask Karen to speak:

  • You will complete a Speakers Agreement which provides details on the engagement, including the goals you wish to achieve through the presentation/event 
  • Karen will create a custom PowerPoint presentation for your review
  • Karen will provide s PDF copy for your copying/distribution to attendees
  • Karen will set up a resource table where attendees can view resources that Karen recommends
A Sample Topic List:
  • What Does Long Term Care Really Mean?
  • Long Term Care: Building The Case So You Can Help Your Clients
  • Ageing Well In Today’s World

The vast majority of Canadians are not prepared for what ageing and the need for care may bring. Karen can help educate both you and your clients/employees about these critical issues, so they can age with independence, dignity and control. Your clients/employees will thank you for your knowledge, and the resources you can bring to them through Karen’s expertise. You will stand out as a professional who provides unique added value.

Contact Karen for fee information and availability.