The Long Term Care Planning Network will simplify and organize a sensitive and complex process, enabling you to educate your clients and guide them to peace of mind. We’ve spent years researching and developing our line of AdvisorWise™ products for your benefit, drawing on our personal experience with long term care. We’ve made every effort to equip you with resources and processes that are as user-friendly and powerful as possible. Below are just some of the built-in benefits you will realize right away.

Additional Source of Revenue

Planning for long term care will increase your share of clients’ business. New business may not be limited to just purchasing long term care solutions; clients begin to see you in a different light that may trigger them to bring other assets or planning issues to your attention.

Establishes Professional Integrity

The AdvisorWise™ Care Planning Program is a comprehensive planning approach that enhances your professional integrity. It demonstrates your commitment to helping your clients plan holistically for their lives at a level few advisors can.

Enhances Your Network

We enhance your network because we bring the best of the best in long term care directly to your office through our CD, online and print resources. You can refer your clients to the right professional resources knowing we’ve done all the homework in advance. Your clients save time. You make good, lasting impressions.

Additional Client Retention Tool

Planning for long term care will go a long way to building deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients. It will change the focus from one that revolves around money to one that revolves around the client. This emphasis on care and client-centered approach will keep your clients coming back to you in a very competitive marketplace.

Referrals to Others

The greater the value you bring to your client relationships, the more likely your clients will be to refer you – to their friends, family and colleagues. And this is not just your standard referral. You garner an entire family’s trust from the adult children of aging parents to the parents themselves.

Market Advantage

Adding long term care planning to your services creates a unique point of differentiation from a marketing standpoint. Too few advisors take their clients through this process and thus know their clients on a more personal and intimate level. Once clients experience the process with you and see how it rounds out their financial and retirement plans, you can be sure they will tell others about the experience.

Complete Preparation

We provide a comprehensive program that entails: educating advisors about long term care; equipping them with premier resources; and providing the strategies and tools to market your new emphasis on long term care to your best advantage. Our goal is to optimize your business at every level of long term care planning so you can be sure you are consistently meeting your clients’ needs in this complex area.