Karen Henderson started the-newsletter LTC News and Views back in 2005. It had historically focused on financial services and those advisors who wished to learn more about aging and long term care and then pass this knowledge on to their clients.

With the launch of our new site in September 2013, the newsletter has been opened up to all Canadians who share a concern about where our long term health care system is heading and what it will be able or not able to provide to Canadians as we all age.


News will continue to focus on what is happening in the realms of aging, long term care, long term care insurance and caregiving. Things covered may include conferences, media commentary, research studies, dementia, health policy, care scandals and anything else Karen Henderson thinks you should be aware of.


Views gives Karen the opportunity to do research and express her views on what families face over the next 20 years regarding long term care. Her

14-year dementia care journey with her father – the impetus behind the Network – propelled her also towards the role of advocacy and how aging citizens are being impacted by issues such as ageism, elder abuse; she is equally concerned about how women can be so adversely affected by the demands of society regarding family care.

We welcome your comments, story ideas and personal experiences. The more we know and share, the healthier and happier we will all be.