Family Consulting

I am delighted to announce I am growing my family consulting practice. I’ll outline briefly a case I am working on now, which concerns my client, a 60-year old son and his 85-year old mother.

My client read about me in a recent Financial Post Magazine “ You’re Getting Old. Deal With It.” He called, we met and I quickly learned he needed a great deal of help and guidance. His mother had living on her own, when suddenly she suffered a very severe stroke which has left her unable to walk. Her son, needlesstosay, was distraught. He knew his mother could not stay at home, so my first task was to locate a retirement home that was wheelchair accessible; he did not feel a long term care facility would suit his mother. After contacting or visiting over 20 facilities, I found a lovely retirement home in Toronto, close to her son and grandson.

In addition:

  • I located the specialized equipment she needed
  • I helped locate and interview caregivers to provide 24-hour care

It has been a difficult, frustrating and sad experience for my client; he once said to me: “Karen, I thought my mother would just die one day.”

When I asked him to comment on my consulting service, he wrote:

“When we found Karen, she responded immediately, and took a huge load off my family’s shoulders. Her guidance and many useful suggestions throughout this trying process made managing my mother’s needs and eventually finding a new home much less stressful. Yes, mother is settled in her new home with compassionate care, but some stresses remain. What I do know, however, is that whatever we or my mother require going forward, Karen will be there in a minute with expert help and advice. She has been a truly invaluable resource to our family, and I recommend her without hesitation.”

Karen’s newest advisor presentation

Karen has developed Aging: The Conversation You’re NOT Having With Your Clients, a streamlined presentation designed to simplify the steps advisors need to take to have the aging/long term care planning conversation with clients.

Other ways I can help professional advisors

  • Provide relevant, compelling seminars for advisors/clients èA call to action
  • Provide age friendly content for newsletters, web sites
  • Provide coaching for you/go on client visits
  • Provide consulting services for your clients
  • Provide a template for the long term care planning process
  • Provide guidance on how to make your practice – environment, web site, marketing materials – senior friendly
  • Provide a quarterly long term care marketing campaign
  • Co-sell LTCI

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