Winter 2014

Canadians Are Substituting Talk For Action

A new survey by Edward Jones reveals that while Canadians say they value the financial well-being of their families and their own quality of life in old age, many are not investing in key forms of protection to safeguard these assets. While almost two thirds (64 per cent) say they have purchased life insurance, other important forms of protection, including disability (23 per cent), critical illness [...]

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Canadians missing the self care boat

According to a recent Conference Board of Canada research project report, Canadians are not any healthier than they were a decade ago, despite having much more knowledge of what makes up a healthy lifestyle, “An alarming number of Canadians are moving very little, sitting too long, eating poorly, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, and continuing to smoke,” said Thy Dinh, Senior Research Associate. [...]

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Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

When news about a startling new insight into the cause of Alzheimer’s disease first emerged in 2005, it was highly speculative. But now the evidence for it has become very strong: Alzheimer’s is a form of diabetes, and the name being given to it is type 3. […]

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What’s Karen been up to?

Family Consulting I am delighted to announce I am growing my family consulting practice. I’ll outline briefly a case I am working on now, which concerns my client, a 60-year old son and his 85-year old mother. […]

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Karen in the media

In addition to being featured the above mentioned Financial Post Magazine, I was recently asked to participate on a panel for the CBC’s Radio One show The Current. The show topic: Palliative care experts say it's time for Canadians to talk about end of life care. The program opened with an interview with U.S. oncologist Dr. Atul Gawande who has written a wonderful book “Being Mortal: [...]

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