As an EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) I was delighted to attend and speak at the first Elder Planning Issues Conference (EPIC) in Niagara Falls this month.

Approximately 150 EPC’s from across Canada met for two days to learn more about topics critical to their elder clients, including:

  • Memory loss
  • Frauds and scams
  • Funeral planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Advising family caregivers of the frail elderly (Karen’s session)

The closing keynote delivered by Taylor Train (EPC, COO – CLU Institute for Canada/VP Marketing for Advocis) both hit the nail on the head and confirmed what I have been saying and teaching. He talked about the conversation we never have with our parents – the long term care planning conversation. He admitted he needed help with his parents, as do millions of other boomers, and called upon financial advisors to add long term care planning skills to their service offerings.

I couldn’t agree more and that’s why I have co-developed the Long Term Care Marketing and Sales Kit for advisors which includes tool kits for both professionals and clients.

Every day 1000 boomers turn 50 across North America. Every day another of your clients needs help with aging parents. Take the step now to access the information and education we provide that will have your clients knocking on your door asking how to establish a long term care plan for themselves and their families. And referring you to others because of your unique expertise.

The clock is ticking.