It should. We are on the edge of the first “mass geriatric society” and unless we get our act together, the picture will not be pretty.

The fastest growing segment of our society is the 85+ and roughly half of those will suffer from some form of dementia. Why? Because the number one risk factor for Alzheimer Disease and related dementias is aging. If no cure is found, more than 750,000 Canadians will suffer from dementia by 2031. Dwindling health care dollars, too few professional caregivers and families scattered across the country could very well make dementia a 21st century catastrophe.

Almost every time I speak to and with advisors, someone mentions his/her concern about a client who appears cognitively impaired. Professional advisors are worried and you should be; more and more of you will more frequently face the question of whether a client has the capacity to make certain financial, legal or care decisions.

I am researching the issue of capacity and what professional advisors face; if you want to contribute a personal experience, a question or concern about this issue, please email me. The more input I have, the more useful the report will be.

Karen’s Dementia Seminars

  • Keynote Address: Dementia Diary – Moving From Darkness into the Light
  • What It Means to Have a Loved One Afflicted with Dementia