When I met Karen Henderson almost 2 years ago, I was impressed with both her living benefits knowledge and presentation skills.

As a forward thinking financial advisor, I have always believed in educating my clients about issues – beyond the purely financial – that will affect them as they age. That’s why I began working with Karen and her team on their living benefits client marketing campaign. The program is complete, innovative and easy to implement.

In my 42 years as an advisor, it’s the first time I have implemented a program which combines high quality education and marketing that benefits both clients and advisors – a real win-win.

I know that critical illness and long term care planning will only become more critical for my aging clients, and I intend to be there to support them with education and suitable financial products because I am finally confident that I can accomplish this professionally and effectively.

Herb Braley Sr.
Braley Winton Financial
Montreal, Burlington

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I must thanThank-you for telling your story in the recent edition of the Senior’s Advocate. I have a 84 yr old mother with vascular dementia in her 3rd year stay at a local nursing home, and a 89 yr old father with many heart related problems in the self-care wing of the same home. He has been there nearly two years. My journey with both of them and their health issues started many years before and I still find days overwhelming, and have found some peace reading your article over and over again. Thank-you.

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Hi Karen;

A colleague was kind enough to copy me on your fantastic newsletter. I would so appreciate being copied on it if that is possible!!

I am a new LTC specialist working out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and am eager to “be in the know” and I see your newsletter will help me greatly in that regard!

Thanks a million!

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Dear Karen,

Lynn just passed on the beautiful article in today’s Star. What an inspiration to others! My husband is on a similar journey with his mother, and I intend to pass along your thoughtful reflections. He may be inspired to check out your web-site as well.

Thank you for being a beautiful human being and for giving your journey added meaning by sharing with others,

Elaine McKee OT Reg. (Ont.)
Occupational Therapist
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On Our Seminars

Hi Karen,

I really enjoyed your recent speech presentation at the 5th Annual CIFPs National Conference.

WOW! Frankly, I was blown away by your passion for this subject. I do want to be subscribed to your regular newsletter and I hope to inject LTC and associated solutions into my future client conversations. My desk is about 64% boomers and this is highly applicable to that demographic. I rated your speech the best of the conference!

Thanks again!

James Bilcox, CFP?Financial Planner?RBC Investments
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Hi Karen,

I attended the Mackenzie Regional Conference in Collingwood this past Tuesday and was very impressed with your presentation, so much so that I have passed on your website info to our insurance people at Independent Planning Group in Ottawa and suggested they contact you for our next conference in September 2007. Please forward me any marketing materials you may have on the costs of your speaking engagements and I will forward them to my dealer.

Great presentation, I especially appreciated the number of links you provided to obtain a ton more info on this subject. You are very passionate about Long Term Care, finally there’s somebody out there to assist us in these difficult but very important discussions with our clients. Well done! and congrats to Mackenzie for having you.

Gerry Montcalm?President?Montcalm – Associates Financial Group Inc.

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Dear Karen, Just wanted to say you put on one hell of a seminar, one of the most informative and useful of the very long 2 days. Could you please forward a copy of your slide show to me… I never had time to write down all the points. Thank you very much!

G. Lord Investment Advisor IFBC Summit
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You inspired me. I don’t say that about many presentations, but I expect you have changed the way I will continue to practice my trade, and deal with my clients.

J. Chisholm Investment Advisor IFBC Summit
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Your message yesterday was excellent. I have experienced only a fraction of the issues you covered, but I recognize the enormity of the problems. I have some vivid pictures to paint for my clients as we discuss retirement and aging. If you would, I’d like to get a copy of your presentation, or at a minimum, the list of resources. At this point, I believe we can never have too many resources. Again, thanks for your message yesterday. I’m a better-equipped advisor for having attended.

M. Shaver C.A., CFP IFBC Summit

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I was one of the attendees at the EPC Course in April 2004 in Toronto. Your presentation was nothing short of profound. It was very generous of you to share your personal experience in such a positive way.

N. Butts Investment Advisor, EPC

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Dear Karen;

I would like to let you know that I found your presentation to the ADVOCIS group in Brantford to be very informative, articulate, and enjoyable. Public speaking is a skill that takes years to perfect and it was clear that you have a very strong ability to present complicated information in a clear and concise manner! You speak very clearly, emphatically, and with tremendous confidence. I also noted your rapport with the audience was very good; you encouraged questions and interaction which made the presentation very enjoyable. Your information related subject matter was very important and I believe there will certainly be great demand for your time in the near future. I look forward to the chance to hear another presentation of yours!

S. Fraser Investment Advisor
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Your presentations at last week’s EPC course in Toronto were very moving and provided lots of excellent information and resources – thank you! My father, whom I was very close to, died in July of Parkinson’s Disease after battling it for about 10 years. I could relate to many of the experiences you shared with us about you and your dad and must admit I was close to tears on numerous occasions as so much sounded familiar. Thank you once again for such an enriching three days.

J. Garner Investment Advisor Toronto, On.
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I thoroughly appreciated your seminar on “Eldercare” and caregiving. It opened my eyes to my aging clients’ needs and my own situation with my 77 year old mom. It also scared me a little. I am now going to visit my own mother on June 11-13 to discuss our situation. I am also starting my own research in order to help my elder or children of elderly prepare for the ‘WHEN’.

Graeme Investment Advisor IFBC Summit


On Our Advisor Coaching

Confidence is key when discussing LTC planning with your clients. Karen is so knowledgeable in her area of expertise, that spending two hours with her in a one-on-one coaching session gave me the confidence I was looking for when dealing with this important topic. She understood my personal needs as an advisor and quickly helped me to focus on areas that needed my attention, so I can best advise my clients.

Thanks again Karen.

Ellenore Sinden RHU


On Our Family Consulting

Hi Karen,

That was an amazing meeting. I was extremely anxious beforehand, but shouldn’t have worried. You somehow brought everyone into consensus, and we left with an action plan. I don’t know how you did it, but it was truly wonderful. I cannot thank you enough.

My sisters have both called to say how happy and grateful they are. I cannot tell you what a huge difference you have made for the whole family.

Thank you, also, for giving everyone your phone number. We may need some help at some point if we lose momentum, and it is great to know that you are there. Perhaps we could even have a short follow-up meeting, if you think it is a good idea.

I’ll be flying to Ottawa very soon to help implement the plan. Maybe Ill get to talk with you from the same time zone!

Again, many thanks.