We believe long term care planning provides advisors with the best way to gain clients now and in the future. Many of your existing and potential clients have already heard a great deal about financial planning.

  • But they haven’t heard about you offering advice on long term planning.
  • They haven’t heard about the long term care solutions we can equip you with to provide to your clients.
  • And when they do, their commitment to you will be even stronger.

People want to plan for and talk about what matters most to them. And long term care is a major concern, though it’s often a sensitive topic t o broach with your clients. We designed a customizable solution, the AdvisorWise™ Care Planning Program, to help you build your knowledge about the need for long term care, and to assist you in promoting it with confidence to your clients. Through it, we’ll show you how to overcome potential barriers to conversations about long term care planning such as:

  • A sense of entitlement: “I am a taxpayer and therefore the government is responsible for caring for me in my old age”
  • “It won’t happen to me”
  • “My spouse will look after me”
  • “The kids will look after me”

At some point in your career, if it has not already happened, you may find yourself sitting across the desk from a client whom you suspect is suffering from diminished mental capacity. The more you know about the signs and symptoms of dementia, the better able you and your client will be to make the appropriate financial and family decisions.

Why should you be talking to clients about long term care?Perhaps the best reason is because if you don’t do it or don’t know how to do it, someone else will.