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Facing the Truth About Loss of Independence:

How Advisors Can Help By Karen Henderson There is a Sufi saying that two veils separate us from the divine—health and security. As we age we begin to understand how these two words start to define what is truly important in life. According to Moshe Milevsky, finance professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business, for a couple who is 65 today, there is a 50% [...]

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Clients and Aging Parents

How You Can Help Facilitate Family Communication By Karen Henderson The average 21st century North American is projected to spend more years taking care of aging family members than raising children. Ken Dychtwald, Psychologist/Gerontologist, author of Age Power It’s no secret that your clients are aging, and with their aging comes the aging of their parents. A few families anticipate this eventuality but the majority hope that the issue will [...]

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