Dementia/Alzheimer’s update

As you may know, the subject of dementia is invariably included in the presentations I make …for very good reason. Of the leading causes of death, Alzheimer’s disease is the only one for which there is no way to prevent it, cure it or slow its progression. Right now in Canada a new case of Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed every 5 minutes; by 2031 a new [...]

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Police are warning the public about a Revenue Canada phone scam A financial advisor I know here in Toronto almost fell victim to this scam. According to police, there have been reports of people receiving calls from a man claiming to be an employee of the CRA. The man tells the person that they owe money to the government and then demands personal information. One woman [...]

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Canadian seniors, debt and long term care planning

A study conducted by bankruptcy trustee Hoyes, Michalos & Associates has found that Canadians age 60 and over hold, on average, total unsecured debts of more than $69,000, and almost half of that debt is credit card debt. Seniors also have the highest amount of payday loans of all demographic groups, owing an average of $3,693. […]

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