Seniors constitute the fastest growing population group in Canada; one in seven is a senior today. As the “baby boomers” (born between 1946 and 1965) age, the seniors population is expected to reach 6.7 million in 2021 and 9.2 million in 2041 (nearly one in four Canadians).

Professional advisors can begin to take advantage of this opportunity and help their aging clientele by networking with those companies and individuals who influence the decisions of the elderly population.

Phase 1

If you do not have these in your network or organization, seek them out for both referrals to and from:

  • Elder law attorney
  • PrimePlus accountant

Phase 2

To help your clients cope with aging, dementia and long term care, seek out:

  • A geriatrician (physician who cares for those 65+)
  • Geriatric care manager
  • Physical therapist
  • Home health care professional


Start with your own family. Whom have your parents/spouse or others called upon for help? Introduce yourself and explain that by sharing information and expertise, professionals and clients everyone is a winner.

Visit your local senior community centre, retirement home, long term care facility and introduce yourself and your services.

Join health care networking breakfasts where you will meet professionals from all disciplines.

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