Although many of your clients need long term care protection, either they don’t know it or are afraid to face it – or both. They need a strong, informed, empathetic advisor whom they can trust because you know more than they do. They are looking for an advisor:

  • Who has expert knowledge
  • Who is able to make process/products understandable
  • Who is good at navigating life’s course; can relate to clients
  • Who can offer honest, objective advice
  • Who can help clients visualize their future and help decide what products they need to manifest the vision

Women in particular want to develop a trusting relationship with her advisor and look for someone:

  • Who will listen: she relates to the use of anecdotes and stories AND she wants honest answers to life-altering questions
  • Who will explain terms clearly: she expects the same respect and courtesy as a male client
  • Who will share personal life experiences
  • Who cares about her welfare

I personally know several women who have recently ‘dumped’ their advisors for one simple reason: the advisors have not kept in touch after the initial sale was made. No regular follow-up on changing needs, no calls to explain changes in policies. It’s not rocket science – it’s plain old customer service.