My time in New York was well spent, not only because of what I learned and who I met but mostly because it reinforced the issues and trends that I have been following, studying, researching, writing about and teaching.

It also supported the re-branding of my company last fall to the Long Term Care PlanningNetwork!

Canada has approximately 65 million fewer boomers than the U.S. but the opportunity for Canadian advisors remains huge. In the last issue of this newsletter I talked about the challenges that women face as they age (See Archive: Winter 2007); in fact Ken Dychtwald specifically referred to family caregivers – who are mostly women – and the reality that the average boomer has more parents than kids. Who ends up looking after the parents? Who ends up suffering financially?

Boomers need help – with financial planning that supports their retirement dreams and at the same time will fund the worries they have about getting sick or being unable to qualify for health insurance.

Advisors who see the writing on the wall, who see the need for keeping up with new trends and client values will prosper. You have a key role to play: you must provide boomers with a financial wake-up call.

You can do it.

We can help.