Long Term Care Planning Network product purchased:
Critical Illness/Long Term Care Planner


I have used the How to Care Binder, which I think you now call the Long Term Care Planner, several times. The most noteworthy was for my Mom. We realized after Dad was having problems looking after Mom that her behaviour was more than just Mom’s unique, and historically difficult, personality. It was humbling to learn that in spite of my EPC the only thing I did correctly remember was to get Mom’s MD to apply the MMSE. That lead to Mom’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease.

Once we knew that I started using your planner for Mom’s progress and monitoring of her care as we went through getting CCAC in to assess, having to select a private care facility owing to the lack of available space in the public system and Dad’s declining well being as a result if looking after Mom, jockeying between Mom’s regular MD and the new set of MD’s at the private health care facility, visits to the Lawyer and Financial advisors, effectively having to coordinate the MDs, nurses, discharge planner and the different CCAC case worker at the hospital, after Mom fell and broke her neck at the private care facility, the funeral home when Mom died after 3 months in hospital and the banks when closing out accounts post mortem.

I supplemented your planner with pages for holding business cards of various people attending or supplying services and appliances to Mom, an additional section for Financial & Legal with document pockets to hold copies of the will and the powers of attorney we required at different times. I also added post it notes to the inside of the planner as they are very handy for notes to staff and as reminders of things to do.

Your planner is a very useful tool and very reasonably priced. I’m out of the extra planners I ordered years ago and am mailing in my order for more.


Ian Shaw, EPC