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The general public is becoming increasingly aware of the pervasive need for long term care planning and education in Canada. Between 2006 and 2026, the number of seniors is projected to increase from 4.3 million to 8.0 million. Likewise, the number of individuals aged 65 to 74 will almost double, from 2.3 million to about 4.5 million. Many Canadians are already at that crossroad, with over 600 people turning 65 every day in our nation. Estimates indicate nearly half that number will require long term care during their lifetime. Middle-aged couples are wondering how to approach their parents about the inevitable questions related to long term care. Aging parents are often uncertain what their options are. Employers are seeking ways to support employees caring for aging family members.

Co-founders of the site, Karen Henderson and Kirk Lowe, proactively addressed Canada’s looming mass geriatric society in part because of the concern over the lack of centralized information, research and resources for the public and professionals on this key issue. The Long Term Care Planning Network is a working collaboration among professionals who understand the demands of long term care planning and who are passionate about the need for better long term care education

For families and the formal care providers who support them, addresses issues such as dementia, home modification, long distance caregiving, nutrition and other challenging caregiver realities. The site also provides a complete range of educational tools, including a national Long Term Care Resource CD, a Conversation-starter Pamphlet, the Critical Illness and Long Term Care Planner, a Long Term Care Readiness Questionnaire, a Caregiver Newsletter as well as support through a wide variety of seminars.

The Network’s overarching goal is to educate the public on long term care so that they will, in turn, talk to family members and professionals directly dealing with this issue. A well-informed public will demand more from both governments and service professionals, thus driving the development of more effective solutions for this nationwide dilemma. . also links to – a site specifically designed for professionals in financial, legal, accounting and health/benefits consulting. This site offers advisors turnkey education and marketing tools including AdvisorWise™ Care Planning Program and The Seminar Program. also provides an Online Membership program with access to a selection of presentations, articles and long term care research geared to advisors.

For more information about the Long Term Care Planning Network and its affiliates, or to schedule an interview, please contact Karen Henderson at 416.323.1090 or by email