Resume of a nurse for a job

A nurse's job involves direct interaction with a physician and communication with patients. The main duties depend on the type of the nurse's work. Factors should be considered when making a nursing resume. In general terms, represent educational work on:

  • health;
  • providing pre-medical care;
  • conducting patient appointments with a physician;
  • conducting scientific and practical activities in the field of nursing;
  • generating and maintaining reports.

For the surgeon nurse, the key skills are assisting in the provision of medical services to the population, namely conducting admissions, dressings, and surgical interventions in the outpatient setting.

For the nurse practitioner, the key skills are to conduct patient appointments and provide information on disease prevention.


  • conducting the reception of patients in interaction with the doctor;
  • collecting medical information, identifying risk factors and health problems;
  • Informing patients about vaccinations and health screenings;
  • conducting sterilization of instruments, performing injections as prescribed by the doctor;
  • filling out accounting and reporting forms on the computer;
  • performing medical manipulations as prescribed by the doctor;

Key skills

  • ability to work in a team;
  • maintaining records;
  • organization of health education;
  • individual approach to patients;
  • mastery of instrument sterilization techniques;
  • mastery of the technique of filing instruments, suture and
    dressing material.