Real anavar: increase your performance, stamina, and physique

Real anavar: increase your performance, stamina, and physique

It's unlikely that any bodybuilder hasn't done some research on the various anabolic steroids available. You should know if they can help you retain muscle while you are cutting. So what is real anavar?

What is Anavar, you ask?

It is both a synthetic androgen, and an anabolic steroid. Its strong anabolic effects (320 to 630 rating) make it a popular choice for bodybuilders who want to increase their performance, stamina, and physique.

You can prevent metabolic breakdown, increase your testosterone (by binding to SHBG), boost nitrogen retention (making a quicker build of lean muscle mass and not losing it after), and increase your anabolic activity. This could all help you build 10-15lbs muscle in a 4-week cycle.

Yes, it can help you retain muscle while you are cutting (in fact it is one the best steroids for this job because it decreases cortisol). It can increase your red cell count and instantly boost your energy, stamina, and performance. It is safe for women because of its low androgenic ratings. Its ability to increase anabolism can speed up protein synthesis, making you stronger.

Anavar's pros and cons summarized


This DHT derivative won't turn to estrogen, cause water retention or other estrogenic problems, and it won’t moobs, bloating, or high blood pressure.
It is better for cutting than for bulking, as it can build leaner muscles mass.
It can reduce bone pain due to osteoporosis.
Even in deficit, prevents muscle loss
You can gain 10-15 lbs of muscle mass.
This increases strength (without mass), speed and energy.
Increases muscle recovery after exercise by increasing protein synthesis.
It prevents metabolic breakdown and speeds up metabolism, which is great for fat loss.
You can increase your testosterone by binding to SHBG.
Boosts nitrogen retention.
It increases your anabolic activity.
This can help athletes control their weight gain.
Increases your red blood cell count, which helps to transport more oxygen to your muscles.


DHT can increase prostate size, hair loss, and dry joints.
Liver damage because its 17-aa profile prevents your liver from being destroyed.
It can only be safely used for 4-6 weeks.
It can be detected in blood for up 3 weeks. Other symptoms may last longer than 3 months.
It is 3 to 6 times stronger than testosterone but slows down muscle building.
Maximum gains are between 10-15 lbs and less.
Natural testosterone production is reduced by as much as 40%
The consequences of testosterone suppression include depression, weight gain, muscle loss, and fat gain.
High prices.
You must complete the PCT.
To maximize results, Dianabol should be used in combination with another substance. Dianabol.

1) It is one the few anabolic steroids that are safe for women (which for many women would be a 'hell yeah').

2) The low androgenic rating of this steroid prevents aromatizing. This means you don't need to worry about water retention, moobs, high blood pressure, bloating, and so on.