Casino without a break for gambling

A no-break casino is a casino that has not applied for a license from the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate. Instead, the casino is licensed by Malta or Curacao. Since the non-break casino does not have a Swedish license, they also do not have to comply with the other rules set for Swedish sites, which means, among other things. That you can play despite the break.

It also means that you can play again without any restrictions, with good bonuses and without the rule that a spin has to last 3 seconds.

In the beginning, there were no good unlicensed casinos where you could play even with a break. But as the market for this type of online gambling matured, it led to reputable casinos.

This has contributed to the fact that you can finally play at good casinos without a break.

A list of no-break casinos:

  • Casino Floyd.
  • Gambling.
  • LV Bet and Casino.
  • Thursday Casino
  • GainFuel
  • Gambling breaks added in 2019.

Gambling breaks haven't always been with us, but came about when Sweden introduced a regulated gambling market. As of January 1, 2019, Swedes can now close off all casinos that offered games to Swedes.

Initially, it was difficult for Swedish casinos to know exactly how the implementation would take place, and in fact, some casinos allowed Swedes to play even if they had a game break. The Swedish Gambling Inspectorate did not like this and some gaming companies were fined .

Now Spelpaus has existed for several years, and this tool is widely used by Swedes who want to gamble less. Casinos without a break have been around as long as the service itself. What you might consider positive is that there are actually good gaming sites nowadays that offer Swedes to play casinos, even if the utländska casino med trustly in Sweden.

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How to close a casino without a break

If the case is that gambling has gotten out of hand and you've been using a break in the game, it can be hard to know that there are casinos without a break in the game. Fortunately, it is also possible to close a casino without a license in Sweden, by simply following these steps.

Step 1. Contact casino support via chat, email or phone and confirm you so they know they are talking to you.

Step 2. Let them know how long you want your account shut down, it is also possible to block you permanently. A tip is to ask them to disconnect you from all other casinos that the operator may also have.

Step 3 . Your account is now closed and you can no longer make deposits at that particular gaming site.

Step 4. Repeat the process for all the non-Swedish licensed casinos that you want to close.

Casinos without a gaming break.

What is a casino without a Swedish license?

A casino without a Swedish license is an online casino that is not licensed from Sweden . This means that the casino does not have to follow the rules set by the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate.

Therefore, you can play with big bonuses, no breaks and no requirement for any limits.

Swedes do not have to play in Swedish casinos, but you can also play in foreign casinos .

The casino must have some kind of license to operate legally online.

The reason why they call it a "casino without a license" is because most of the time a casino is licensed from Sweden. Therefore, if you are referring to a casino without a license, you are simply referring to a casino without a Swedish license.

This type of casino is also called a casino without a game break, because Spelpaus may not be on this gaming site.

We want as many people as possible to find useful information about this and think before they spend their hard-earned money on gambling. There are plenty of benefits to playing at a casino without a Swedish license!

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