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Giving slots is not difficult to find knowing a simple set of rules that need to be applied in practice. You need to know where to look when choosing it. To identify the machines that give, you need to thoroughly check everything, of course, it will take time, it is impossible to break a big win without preparation. To become a lucky person who gets money from slot machines, you need to follow the most important rule: play only in rated casinos.


Behavior of slots that are currently giving
If you want to play and win, it is very important to choose licensed games from top manufacturers Microgaming, Netent. They can be found in licensed casinos and it is worth paying close attention to this, since in unofficial casinos you will definitely not find giving slots.

Therefore, it is important to find the right place and slot machine before you start testing it and playing for real money.

Machines that do not have a license are not controlled. They can be adjusted at any time. This means that the random generator for such games can be adjusted independently by the casino admin and slot machines that give you money suddenly start eating up the entire Deposit to 0.

There is an opinion that honest slot machines that always give, behave the same in paid and free mode, if you play at the same rates in both modes. Not everything is so simple, there are a lot of combinations in each slot and it is difficult to find the giver at this moment. As a rule, this case has to spend a long time.

Signs of the giving slot

It's simple. Playing slot machines when checking give very often large winnings with the right lines and the size of the bet. Bonus spins in these slots will appear more often.

Accordingly, if you do not notice these signs when playing a demo game, then you should change the combination of lines and bets in General, since you most likely fell into a chewing combination. If this continues on all tested bets or on most, then most likely the slot itself is currently greedy.

The main parameters of machines that give real money.
Each slot has a parameter that we call the percentage of return, it is called RTP. This parameter can be defined either by yourself or by viewing the RTP slots table from NetEnt. The higher this parameter is in the game, the higher the percentage of return.

After viewing the table, we decide on the game. We go to any honest casino and find it there. When the machines that give are found, we hover over it with the mouse pointer and see a pop-up window (each institution has its own design), there are two options to choose from, we need Demo mode or Free. Run it.

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