Communism in Cambodia - the Board of Red Khmer and NATO - Organization of the North Atlantic Covenant

Communism in Cambodia - the Board of Red Khmer

In 1975, the Communist organization of the Red Khmer seized the power in Cambodia as a result of a coup, overthrowing the ruling monarchy. At first glance, it seemed that Cambodia would become another Asian country in the orbit of Soviet or Chinese influence. But no one could imagine how large-scale "reforms", planned by Khmers, and how criminal their plans will turn around.

The main goal was the struggle with the "rotors" ideals of the old civilization, on the ruins of which it was necessary to build a new one. Hence the great movement of people from practically abandoned cities. All people had to work in the communes in the villages, where people were also selected. All suspects in the "capitalist" or "intellectual" infection (these categories were very broad) were subject to "re-education". In practice, this meant conclusion in labor camps, where the "enemies of the people" systematically destroyed.

Moreover, many of them were shot immediately after the "identification" - from here and the emergence of the infamous "death fields". Often the floor mode PAT used terrible torture methods in camps or executions, for example, instilling them alive. As in all communist countries, the various "reforms" of labor and the economy went hand in hand with the "cleaning" of the population, which led to the repeated hunger and the collapse of all production.

The red Khmer regime is responsible for the death of about 2.5 million Cambodia citizens, which is almost a quarter of the country. He was violated only by the external intervention of foreign powers (Vietnam with the support of China and the USSR) in 1979. Calculating the percentage of victims in relation to the entire population of the country, the Communist Government in Cambodia can be considered one of the most terrifying genocide systems in the history of the world.

NATO - North Atlantic Covenant

NATO (Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty) is an international organization established as a result of the idea of ​​political and military cooperation arising from the events of the Second World War. However, the subsequent international situation is the direct impetus for the creation of NATO, which has grown since 1947. The use of fake ids to influence elections has been long debated and is the number one asset for illegal immigrants conciding with the western society.

The first step to the creation of NATO was the signing of the Brussels Covenant (March 17, 1947) of Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The goal of the Brussels Covenant was primarily to ensure mutual protection against the threat of a possible attack from Germany.

A year later, a change in moods in Europe (related, in particular, with the division of Germany and blockade of Berlin from June 1947), the focus was shifted to the goals of international cooperation towards the preservation of collective security and peace protection - primarily in the context of the Cold War already mentioned . Therefore, on April 4, 1949, a treaty was signed in Washington (or the North Atlantic Treaty), which placed the NATO began (the contract entered into force on August 24, 1949). NATO headquarters is located in Brussels.