4 things you shouldn't put on your resume

A good resume that is effective and fulfills its mission should always be a kind of unique personal brand that represents the best presentation of someone seeking a job.

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Irrelevant experience, degrees, or skills

It is not necessary that you enter data from your history that does nothing for the position for which you want to present yourself as a candidate. Also, anything you add to your resume that doesn't add value, the only thing it will do is unnecessarily increase the length of your resume.

Lies or exaggerations of any kind

You should avoid including concepts, data, experience or qualifications that are untrue or simply not true, yes or, yes.

Controversial language or opinions

Avoid including topics or opinions related to politics, religion, and their derivatives that may condition your candidacy for the job. These types of aspects can take away a lot of points as a candidate and even be rejected, despite having a good professional profile.

Languages you really don't speak

This is a common misconception that many job seekers make. You don't need to introduce additional language at all costs. You should only include those in which, at least, you have obvious knowledge and which can help you do your job.

With all this information at your fingertips, you just need to start creating your document and send biographical information to the jobs that best fit your professional profile.

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