What are the pitfalls when claiming Microgaming free spins? If you're not sure whether you should accept this bonus or not, see our review on the main disadvantages of such an offer throughout all casinos powered by this company.

Free Spins by Microgaming: Drawbacks Overview

Whenever you think of free turns' offers, it's better to make a research to know what you're dealing with. We have prepared for you some of the interesting terms explained. This data can be applied anytime you register at Microgaming houses.

Not Always Free

microgaming free spins disadvantages

Most bonuses with the gratis spins are about to disappoint you, as a real amount is small if you receive the spins for free. Don't count on big handouts at the trusted sites either. Usually, the rolls are accounted after your depositing, which is minimum 10 USD stated by the rules. Besides, the reward often appears to have the multi-stage progress. It happens when turns are given by portions and require several deposits to your balance in a row.

Limited Games to Try

The other substantial drawback is a limit on available games. Some crazy bonuses are even designed for only one slot!! You'll never be able to cashout any game wins if spinning a machine not stated in the rules of the promo. Not always does this happen though. Anyway, you should bear in mind the list of options is always strict and not big. There are rules and we should follow them by any means.

Strict Timeframes

Timeframe is a period while you may use the add-on and get the wagers done. The terms don't always contain this data, so, in case of necessity, you should apply for the technical support to find it out. In general, the bonus is valid somewhere between 1 week and 3 months. You might have 4 weeks before the prize money would be forfeited.

Free Spins Winnings - Can I Withdraw?

Bonus Spins are also tricky because of the casinos' policy. Various houses have their own requirements on withdrawals of the cash you won. Be ready to deal with sticky offers. This is the worst deal for users, as any prize money got while utilizing the bonus won't be credited to your bank account at all. It stays within the house and may be spent on further gambling only. On the second thought, there are suggestions with cashable rewards, but the terms often kill any desire to claim them at all.

Wagering Requirement

faults of microgaming free spins

The first dreadful condition to meet is a free spins wagering. There is no way to avoid this one because Microgaming sites aren't the charity. Gamers know how hard it can be to play through the bonus money. In addition, the average rate is 50 times that is often very hard to carry out. This is not the biggest number though. Some gaming clubs even ask to bet the win 99 times! If you aren't going to have an illegal play, make sure there are some licensing marks on the sites' bottom line.

Min and Max Cashout to Mind

Maybe you think that casino Microgaming wants you to win thousands? Of course, it doesn't. There is the least possible chance to play back the big sums by the customers. It's not a question of being good or bad because the max cashout is applied to jackpots and the amount is exactly what you can get out in a day/week or month. To bet 2,000 USD fifty times in 2 months? This is almost impossible task and the playhouse would explode from bankruptcy too quickly if many could be that lucky to manage doing so. But the decision is all yours.