Star Sign Capricorn (22 / 12-20 / 01)

Located on the tenth place among the remaining zodiac signs. Element "Earth" and the planet "Saturn". With regard to activity, Capricorn is especially active during difficult periods in all spheres of life. Avoiding unnecessary and difficult situations, Capricorns, in a calmer atmosphere, move according to their individual rhythms and prefer planning. In relation to money - almost the main ultimate goal of all life. Having money is always associated with a streamlined life position. With regard to travel, planning is a very big problem for Capricorns, and it finds a solution in shifting responsibilities. In relation to home life, Capricorn feels equally comfortable in elegant conditions and in a “hut”. The setting for Capricorn is not the main criterion. Regarding privacy and marriage, Capricorn is a one-man lover. Values ​​regularity and stability and very rarely seeks entertainment on the side. Capricorn is picky and vigilant about marriage. Also capable of more decisive action. Regarding career and cooperation, Capricorns are a prudent person, who prefer career and “usefulness” of partners and partners in their careers.
Personal relationships are in second place, and in the first place work and goals. With regard to crises, overcoming difficulties gives the Capricorn importance to itself. In relation to goals, the main negative feature is the tendency to doubt, which greatly hinders the achievement of the desired goals. With regard to planning, Capricorns simply adore the presence of any structures. Favorite thing is to plan and maintain the result of the work done. In terms of sensitivity, Capricorns rarely pay attention to feelings. The most basic for them is a sense of calculation. In relationships with other people, trust is also based on strict calculations and facts. In case of positive results, he is very proud of his actions. Capricorn men are always very secretive and not wordy - these are their main character traits. The reason is the lack of confidence in everyone. Also, the man of this sign most often arrives in search, including the second half. Capricorn women are very industrious, which applies to almost all areas of activity, from cosmic and mysterious specialties to gardening. In his personal life, he always puts in the first place the size of his chosen finances and, as usual, is guided by calculation. Lider bahis sitesinin bahsegel yeni adresi ne girin.