Herrenkimsee Castle Palace

One of the castles, which was built by Ludwig II, the king of Bavaria and who has gained great popularity among tourists, is the Herrenkimsee castle. It is located on the largest island of Herreninsel Lake Chiemsee at a distance of 60 km from Munich. In the Middle Ages in this place two large monasteries were erected, one male (Herreninsel), and the second female (Fraueninzel).

Over time and around the 19th century, both of these monasteries began to empty. At the same time, Ludwig II was looking for a fairly secluded place, and starting in 1878, on his orders, they began to build the castle. Although he also preserved the previously constructed building, which was called the “Old Palace”, but a completely new one was built near it. The new palace was supposed to be the suburban residence of its owner, but it should have looked like the Palace of Versailles, located in France. But until the end of construction work and the completion of all grandiose plans, Ludwig did not survive. After this moment, all work was stopped, but many of the unfinished parts of the palace were subsequently dismantled. A year later, the eminent palace opened its doors for tourists to visit.

The Herrenkimsee castle, which was also surprisingly beautiful, which was also called the Bavarian Versailles, has its own huge Mirror Hall, which is larger in size than the hall of the same name located in the palace of Louis XIV.

On the ceiling of the palace is a huge number of paintings that depict admiration for the King of France Louis, who was also called the King of the Sun. As for the main staircase, it differs from all other stairs with brilliance, the fabulous apartments of the ruler have the same quality. All the splendor of the interior decorating the fabulous palace can be seen by every tourist during the excursions.

Herrenkimsee Palace, together with its fairy garden, is somewhat similar to Versailles absolutism. So an example is one of the fountains, which in its structure is completely similar to the statues available in the Palace of Versailles. Although it is worth noting that Herrenkimsee was not completely copied, it, like all other castles, has its own characteristics that are inherent only to the owner of the palace, namely the Bavarian king. The fact is that he was prone to fairy tales and fantasies. This passion inspired him to install dragons, knights and other mythical animals between fountains and flower gardens. In addition to everything in the Ludwig Museum, you can see portraits of the crazy king. Pharmacy with best price https://bestpricepharmacyfinder.com !