Notes on various topics # 004

1. Religion and “pure thoughts”

Now, you are standing in front of a church, mosque, dasan or synagogue solemnly, with a gasp, thinking about your difficult existence The temples of the Lord, called to unite in the name are divided into branches.

The Christian is modern.

More or less educated - not yet so scary, even interesting in communication.

Only here is what each of the adherents has a true faith in this opinion. If a Muslim goes to death in the name of Allah, then it means that 72 virgins in paradise have already promised him (this is exactly the knowledge of one of the Koran’s suras). It doesn’t matter that he goes to death by undermining himself in a crowded place - non-believers to Allah do not need. The Christian, who brings the “light of faith” to distant and inaccessible places, by forced baptism without special explanations from the natives, takes care of spreading the name of God. It doesn’t matter that without a new name, the locals had their millennia-old gods and demigods. It was like that, a little digression. And you will reveal the essence yourself.

So a believer. Without stealing and not literally killing, how many “believers” let others live peacefully? And is faith so simple and accessible today?

Examples of the sea. These are paid ritual services, and the fee for entering the temple of God (baptism in Russia is free only posthumously, apparently), etc. And hanging on the graceful and very mouth-watering breasts of girls body crosses? The attribute of religion has turned into a real props even at the level of awareness. It is necessary to baptize and circumcise children because it is “our faith”. It doesn’t matter that already at the age of 15-16 these children wanted to spit both their god and their parents (in most cases).

Thoughts ... But how can a layman have pure thoughts? To what extent? Is it not enough to be just a tolerant, courteous, tactful person in order to establish oneself in the “purity” of one’s thoughts? Strong is enough. The weak needs Faith.

2. The planting of religions

So, Christ came into the world to “divide the son with the father, and the father with the mother.” A good start to justify the subsequent bloody methods and methods of convincing the values ​​and virtues of faith in God. In a god who "is love."

It is very easy to blame all sins on the machinations of the evil one, when you need to justify and obey, as has always been the case in almost all monotheistic religions. And now a small digression into the topic. What did Satan pursue with his goal? Become equal to god? Yes. Do I have to beat or drive my son out of the house because one day he decides to become like me?

Although I am not a god, I will give him such a mind that he develops and is happy in search of his place, his path. Did Satan desire to destroy God? Not. Not at all. He needed Freedom and Independence, but God most of all does not accept “competition” on the part of his creations in this, in the quest for Independence from the parent.

Should I keep my son in control all my conscious life? But this is absurd! “God is testing” is another misunderstanding. How many of you would think to break, for example, the jaw or arm of your child and watch - didn’t he because of this love and honor you less than before? Only to a follower of a dubious religion would such a thing come to mind. Crusades, the conquest of the Persians and Ottomans under their religious "banners" of other nations - is this also the machinations of the evil one? It is strange then that initially the whole planet did not become God's abode.

Yes, the Earth is the place of possession and administration of Satan, as the Bible itself clearly states, but did true Satanism destroy millions of people when they planted religion? True Satanism is a philosophy. This is the path of rebellion and individuality, in contrast to the "herd" of opponents. Satanism has never been enforced anywhere by forced bloody methods. Satanism has never split nations. But what about Christianity and Islam? Think reader Para kazanma fırsatını yakalayın ve bahsegel para yatırma yapın.