Hunting Notes # 3

Skis, skis ..

In December, an article was published by Comrade. Protopopova "Hunter is also a buyer." I completely agree with him. It's time to end the marriage.

This year I bought hunting skis in a shop in the city of Neftekamsk. These skis are produced by the Vologda industrial complex of Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz. On skis there is a stamp “Release of 1965. Second grade. Price 6 rubles. 75 cop.

These skis are not suitable for hunting. They have no flexibility, oblique, and oblique bends - then the skis will go askew. It's just a birch board, cone-shaped, bent, painted and ... done!

Of course, a real hunter of these skis will not get up. He will make them himself. But this is not available to everyone.

It may be better to transfer the production of skis to industrial collectives, to hunters. Hunting skiing can only be done well by hunters. Then it will be for which money to give.

For more than twenty years, I have never met any hunting skis for sale in the stores of our Kirov region, although we have plenty of forests. But without good-quality hunting skis with our snow covers, which reach up to one and a half meters, especially in the forests, hunting is unthinkable.

Here are sports skis full. The little boy came out of the diaper - he was already ready to ski, but apparently no one ever remembered about the hunter. Our district society numbers 350 people. Deliver us such a number of skis - and they will be snapped up, as most of them do not have. And if there is, then sports, where you can walk only in the spring on the crust, but then hunting is already prohibited and they become unnecessary.

Hunting skis need to produce more. Moreover, we need the most simple skies - wider in size and shorter than sports, without any drawings or intricacies, for which they take 17-20 rubles. We have enough shine for five rubles.

Unusual death

For many years reading the hunting literature, I have seen on its pages notes about unusual cases of death of animals and birds, but I did not know anything like that.

And it was so. In one of the Polissya districts of the Rivne region in Ukraine, where I worked as a driver, during the harvesting of bread, two of the collective farmers in the GAZ-51 were sent to carry sheaves from the fields to the place of labor. One evening, loading another car, they sat down to rest and smoke. I turned off the lights in the car and left the sidelights on.

We did not even have time to smoke a cigarette when a hare jumped out of the dark at full gallop straight into the car. Instant! A faint soft knock on the car and - nothing more is heard. When I turned on the headlights to see what had happened, then suddenly about forty meters from the car I saw a big wolf, who apparently pursued a hare. The wolf looked at us with its yellowish eyes and leisurely ran toward the coppice. I was very sorry that my “tulk” was not with me. When we approached the hare, it was already hopelessly beating in the deathbed cramp - it broke, poor fellow. Play the best frive games at the new frive web-site. Actually, there are many frive platforms, bun not all of them would give player all different option together.