A note about the film Anthology of the haunted city and the series Force Majeure

"Anthology of a ghost town"

In a car accident dies Simon. The town in which he lived has only 215 inhabitants. Everyone knows each other, so they mourn the dead in the same way. Brother Simon suddenly begins to see the ghost of his relative. With his appearance, other ghosts appear that disturb the entire city with their presence.

Grainy 16mm film Denis Kote mercilessly fixes the cold emptiness of the townspeople. With their emotional decline, it is already difficult to say who the ghost is here, and who else is breathing air. When residents see ghosts, the director does not refuse traditional jump-Skero, but the “Anthology of the haunted city” is still a horror with creeping fear, and not with unexpected fright. Terrible ghosts frighten their presence, but at the same time infuse melancholic moods into the main characters.
The cat created not just a city, but the whole world. It is only a pity that the grief of the characters of this fictional world is unlikely to resonate in the hearts of viewers: on the screen it is simplified to mechanical. With the loss of empathic connection with the audience, Kote, unfortunately, loses any attention above history. Therefore, try while watching and do not become the ghosts of this movie. The risk is highly likely.

Force Majeure / SUITS (2011 - ...)

Already this summer, with the sixth season, if not one of the best, simply impassable series, in which new problems and trials await on Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, will return.

Harvey Specter is a model lawyer. The narcissist, ostensibly selfish, publicly assures everyone that he is right in everything, but in reality, like everyone knows that everything is often mistaken, he refuses to admit his defeat.

Recently, Specter was looking for an assistant, and now it’s hard to imagine how he would manage without him.

The assistant, Mike Ross, is an example of a sustainable person. From childhood, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer and acting in justice. What prompted the young man to still stick to his long-standing goal - it becomes known immediately, but over time, the story acquires new dramatic details. And he is gifted with a phenomenal memory, which can play in favor of the project's scriptwriters, if some plot twists come to a dead end.

Between the actors there is perfect chemistry, which often develops into a word-play and quoting various films or series.

Those familiar with Force Majeure know what an important role secondary characters play, and newcomers just need to get used to the fact that whatever the character — positive or negative — each acts in its own interests, it may have acted would anyone in their place.

If in the first seasons of the series or not always relied on the aspect of jurisdiction, from which events have developed headlong in each series, then the last seasons are still focused on the drama. Each new case is delayed by several series, and the difficulties that arise on the way to solving it are becoming more and more.

It cannot be said that this is bad, because to develop in this way means to make the audience worry about the fate of the characters, and therefore, the authors perform their task competently. Spor bahislerinde para kazanma imkânı sağlayan bir site betwinner bahis .