Build in! Save space

After you finish the repair, the most expensive step in arranging your home will be the purchase of furniture. Quality interior items are not cheap, but if you think about the situation well in advance, you can save a lot on cabinets and storage systems.

Sliding wardrobes, at one time so popular, are actually far from the most practical choice. Even with low ceilings, you will not be able to use the entire space from floor to ceiling, losing at least 20-30 cm of usable area. And all because the doors of the wardrobe, especially if they are decorated with glass or a mirror, are too heavy to make them taller. The decision to break the cabinet height with the mezzanine does not always look harmonious. The solution is simpler than it sounds - built-in wardrobes and storage space instead of bulky wardrobes.

If the room is not very spacious, then your first task is to maximize the usable area of ​​the walls. Let's start with the kitchen: the repair here requires special thoughtfulness, because in a relatively small area you will have to store a huge number of items. The height of the kitchen cabinets of the upper row, as a rule, does not exceed 60 cm, the height of the kitchen apron is also 60 cm, and the height of the countertop above the floor is 85-90 cm. That is, even with a ceiling height of only 250 cm, you will lose 40-45 centimeters of area that could be used to store items that you use relatively rarely.

When kitchen repairs are required, at the design stage, ask the masters to consider the option of creating a niche of drywall 40-45 cm high at the ceiling itself - by hanging light doors or decorative curtains on them in the ceiling color, you will get roomy mezzanines that will not look too bulky.

When repairing bathrooms, craftsmen may recommend constructing hanging shelves from moisture-proof drywall above the washing machine. This is a very practical solution that allows not only to organize the storage of towels, detergents and many small things that I would not want to keep in sight. If the gap between the bathroom and the wall is at least 10 centimeters, it makes sense to equip there a small niche with shelves for cosmetics and hygiene items.

In living rooms, portals built from plasterboard around doorways, a sofa or a berth look very impressive. Here you can place the library, your collection, organize several closed sections for linen and towels. Depending on the layout, you may be able to allocate a small area for the wardrobe compartment. Even a small dressing room, no more than a meter deep, will really help you out. Its main advantage is that inside you can install the shelves up to the ceiling, while the wardrobe has restrictions on the height of the wings.

Whether you are planning a European-style renovation or are planning an economical finish option, the integrated storage structures will always come in handy. Ask the craftsmen to calculate the approximate cost of the built-in wardrobe and compare with the prices for a wardrobe of a similar size made of chipboard. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, you will get a more rational use of space. Empire Market is huge and most popular Onion Network Market right now. Being this popular has it's consequences endless Ddos attack leading prime Empire Market URL to be down, and alternative URL too.