How to choose forex broker and forex strategy now?

It is clear that success in the foreign exchange market is necessary, to devote enough time to master theoretical knowledge, to prepare your psyche for success and loss, to learn clearly, to comply with risk management conditions and to form a profitable trading strategy.
you should find out what reputation the broker has earned during his work. No one will tell you better about the company than those who have already become its client. But there is an important point: the source of such information must be reliable. Best of all, if you have friends trading with this broker that you trust. Listen to their opinion and most likely it will immediately become clear to you whether to contact this company.
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If there are no such acquaintances, you will have to look for information on the Internet and the media. Here the situation is more complicated, since there are a lot of online resources that provide all kinds of ratings. Often sites put up paid ratings, and of course you will not find anything useful there. Therefore, carefully select resources, look at the age and appearance of the site, the number of comments.
Starting a new business, you don’t need to consider yourself a genius and understand that professional analysts have been closely studying the Forex market for decades. These specialists gain vast experience and understanding of the conditions for changing market trends. Many professional experts, having a special education and using modern ultra-powerful PCs, reveal patterns and dynamics of changes in currency quotes under the influence of various factors. It is not surprising that these people create new and quite successful Forex trading strategies, which are then distributed in various ways on the Internet. Therefore, without feeling in yourself unsurpassed abilities, it is better to use the best strategies created by professionals and spend your time on choosing the existing trading strategy that is optimal for yourself (depending on trading preferences).
Having a reliable license is an essential attribute of a good broker. Indeed, reliable regulators are responsible for the companies to which they issue licenses. Thus, your funds are insured to a certain extent.
If the company does not have a license at all, you need to run away from it. But, as a rule, almost everyone has it. And here the fun begins, because the license of the license is different. Serious and reliable regulators (for example, FCA, BaFIN, CySec) present the same serious conditions and stringent requirements for brokers. Not every company is ready to comply with these standards and obey the requirements and total control of these regulators. Therefore, many go the other, simpler way, getting (and often just buying) licenses of obscure organizations. A novice who does not understand the details can easily be confused with beautiful abbreviations and long strict names. Therefore, be on the alert. If the broker does not have an authoritative license, this should alert you, because for some reason he cannot / does not want to receive it.

First nuance

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the age of the dealing center. Of course, no one says that young brokers are bad, however, to avoid one-day firms, scammers and unreliable partners, still look at the age of the company. The greater the age, the better. And do not believe everything written on the site of the broker, try to find real evidence of age and his work in the market.

The second

The second is reputation. A broker who has been working in the market for several days must have his own reputation among traders. Avoid positive and negative advertising reviews, try to read a few comments and reviews to form an objective opinion. Try to find an independent rating, visit the forms, the Forex trader’s blog and other resources where you can find the opinions and comments of real people. Be sure to check for negative reviews, complaints from payment systems and blacklists.

The third thing

The third thing that should also not be overlooked is the support of traders from the broker. We are talking about the support service, and about your personal account, and about the software that the broker has. In addition, some brokerage companies offer some promotions and insurance to novice traders, but before you use them, carefully read the conditions. Often, attractive bonuses are used as bait to attract naive or greedy users.
Of course, you should not lose sight of the safety and convenience of money transfers. It is not only about how to deposit and withdraw funds, but also about where they will be stored. Typically, brokers use offshore accounts, which can be potentially unsafe. It is almost impossible to return funds from such accounts in case of fraud, closure or disagreement with the broker.
In conclusion, we note that in addition to all of the above, you must separately specify the size of the broker's commission, opportunities for leverage, and so on. So-called “kitchens” or brokers offering options and other operations should be avoided, the result of which is almost impossible to track somewhere else besides the results of the organizer.
For traders who trade according to the scalping strategy, the time for order execution is fundamental and should be a fraction of a second. Very often, the price movement of a currency pair in 2 seconds can be 30 or 50 points, and when an order is activated after clicking, for example, after 2 seconds, it is no longer relevant. This is best checked on a demo account (training).
It can be floating or fixed. The floating spread may depend on the trading time (at night Moscow time it can greatly expand), during the release of important economic news, and so on. It is also better to test on a demo account. Fixed - the spread is unchanged. So many informations about choosing reliable forex broker we have found at , where brokers forex bonuses review are posted regularly.
It is advisable for a trader that the spread be as small as possible, and the forex broker as much as possible. Spread is a broker's profit. You earn on speculation, they are on the spread, that's all. If there is no spread, then the broker earns a percentage of the transaction. But the forex broker can not greatly increase the spread, because it simply loses in competition with other brokers. A suitable tool for comparison is the popular EUR / USD currency pair. The average spread on it is 1.8 - 2, on it you can compare the conditions of different brokers.