In pursuit of a beautiful gait

Russian women are considered the most beautiful women in the world, but very many hide their natural beauty, disfigure their gait and slouch.
Among the main mistakes that spoil our walk, heels come first. In order to be taller, appear sexier and more attractive, girls from a young age get up on huge studs, but not many know how to walk properly and not everyone can stand in such shoes all day. Sometimes, it is very funny to observe how beautiful girls and women, similar to grasshoppers, move around the city "on bent".
Going down and up the stairs, walking on a concrete or wooden floor, it would seem fragile and weak girls, but they walk like elephants, stomping so that not seeing who is walking, you can simply confuse these steps with the men.
Other ladies do not even notice that they are marching like on the march, waving their hands strongly and scaring passersby.
The manner of moving with long strides, spreading his legs wide, may lead you to your destination faster, but will not add grace. But also mincing small steps take away your gait of charm.
Self-confident girls go straight ahead, taking a quick step, presenting themselves on the podium as a top model, but at the same time they do not notice that they are vulgarly wagging their butt. Others, on the contrary, go slowly and modestly, dropping their eyes to the floor.
How to avoid mistakes and learn to walk beautifully?
First, you need to remember your own femininity, allow yourself to be attractive and sexy. Do not hide and do not be afraid of the views and disapproval of others, get pleasure from yourself when driving.
Do not wear high heels all day long. Go to work in comfortable shoes, and in the evening you can change it to luxurious shoes. Then the effect of the transformation will be noticeable, and lightness in the legs will give you painless and free movement during the evening.
But the main thing for a beautiful gait will still be correct posture, which can be achieved by performing a number of special exercises, doing dancing and regularly training. It suffices to recall women actresses, models or dancers: each has a personality.
Exercises to improve shape and strengthen muscles, dance or gymnastics should be part of your daily life. Of course, a beautiful walk will take time and effort from you, but this is the only way to achieve ideality and start moving smoothly, gracefully and sexually. Any time of year you can do room cleaning after which you will be satisfied with the result after the work done