What to go to the exhibition

Agree, we are used to the fact that visitors don’t put on jeans in the theater, and no one dares to come to the office in an evening dress. As for the exhibition, things are a little more complicated here - there seems to be no clear dress code, and at the same time I want something stylish, unusual and sophisticated. So, for example, if you are going to visit a classic gallery, but choose a more underground look, then most likely all the attention of visitors will be focused on you, and not on works of art. Many go to such events in search of inspiration not only by the creations of great masters, but also by interesting personalities who decided to illuminate the exhibition with their appearance.
From the above, we can conclude that you always need to evaluate where you want to go. If the plans include a visit to the Biennale of Contemporary Art, you can be inspired by some exhibit. Clear angles can easily be reflected in a graphic print, and delicate airy flowers in ephemeral frills and shuttlecocks. As for specific things, it’s better to stick to classic styles: skirts, jackets, blouses, etc. Pay attention to relevant accessories, such as chokers, which with their appearance give the image some kind of artistry and unusualness. Better to give up heels, as the biennale can take place in the most unusual places like abandoned houses, existing factories and entire areas.
All kinds of photo projects are always very limited in scope. You can always either support the general mood, or again give preference to a restrained, but such harmonious classic. However, do not forget about the bright accents in the style of pop art and rock and roll, as you can get lost in the background of numerous glossy photos. It will be especially appropriate if the exhibition is saturated with the spirit of Soviet underground concerts, parties, etc.
Surrounded by avant-garde works, it will be extremely interesting to look at a pleated skirt in combination with a minimalistic top that can be decorated with geometric patterns. Do not forget that the shoes and handbag should be the finishing touch that restrains the composition.
If you go to a high-profile exhibition, about which articles are written and daily visited by many media people, pay attention to current trends in the fashion world. For example, Aivazovsky became a high-profile cultural event. The most harmonious thing will be to put on clothes in cold shades with decorative additions in the form of frills, which will be wonderful to "play" with the sea paintings of the great master.
But among the works of Leo Bakst, you will be extremely comfortable in velvet clothes, with art deco motifs that give an oriental mood.
At the same time, at the exhibitions of such artists as Roman Tyrtov, better known as Erte, you can afford a little luxury and chic of Hollywood. If you have designer wardrobe elements, this is the event for which you simply need to attend.
You can always call the gallery you like and ask if it is not planned to be dressed in any particular costume during the visit. Still, there are times when a certain dress code is entered. best online slots canada