Make it in forty weeks

Pregnancy is not only the anticipation of a long-awaited meeting with a baby. Often, to the joyful euphoria, swelling, mood swings, swollen ankles, back pain, and disgusting taste in the mouth are added.
In order to brighten up the waiting, you can try to make some variety in everyday life, consisting of conversations about the children, plans for the future, visits to doctors and eating pickled cucumbers while drinking chocolate.
So, before the birth of the child is still almost nine months, and the mood is already at zero?
You can go for a notebook with a bright cover and, pouring yourself a cup of fresh fragrant tea, start planning for the period of your “Interesting position”
Approximately here such items may contain this list:
1. Reconsider favorite cartoons in childhood.
2. Prepare a dowry for the baby. Little by little, little by little, and do not pay attention to prejudice!
3. Sign up for a cooking course.
4. To arrange a pajama party with girlfriends. The salt itself will be if they are also expecting a baby.
5. Master the new profession. A web designer, for example, is either a florist.
6. Walk in the zoo.
7, Arrange a photo shoot comic.
8. Start your blog, for example, on Twitter, and post funny pictures there every day.
9. Having gone on maternity leave, visit all friends, if physical well-being allows.
10. Master the decoupage.
11. Do your own hands to make a photo album for the baby.
12. Tie booties. Then another. Give them a childless friend.
13. Search for new experiences.
14. Attend contemporary art exhibitions.
15. To visit the festival of ice cream.
16. Start going to maternity courses.
17. A couple of times to sign up for a free make-up.
18. Create a playlist entirely from children's songs.
The list can be continued indefinitely, but one should not forget that the main task of each item is to raise the spirits, to make it clear that pregnancy is not a disease, and that miracles are just beginning.
In any case, the same culinary courses or attending master classes will have a beneficial effect on the future mother’s overall development and emotional background, and mastering a new profession will make her admire the eyes of both friends and acquaintances, as well as her own spouse.
And when a person is busy, time flies by.
Maybe a few years after the baby is born, you and the little man will walk along the paths of the zoo, look at the exhibits and talk about carrot recipe recipes.
And then the memories of a notebook with a bright cover will warmly touch your memory. kerch straight