From Tula hunters: learning

The Council of the Tula Regional Society of Hunters in November last year developed and approved a 40-hour hunting minimum program, as well as a verification questionnaire and recommended that district hunting societies organize circle and individual hunter classes in the scope of the program.

The program provides: to help the hunter to become familiar with the charter of the society, the rules and terms of hunting in the area; teach the handling of a gun at home and on the hunt; to acquaint the hunter with the biological features of birds and animals, to give an idea about the breeds of hunting dogs and hunting with them.

The Charter of the Company and the Rules of Hunting in the Tula Region were issued in a circulation of 15 thousand copies and distributed to the districts for delivery to each hunter. In November and December, purchased in Moscow and also distributed 1000 copies. "Basics of sports hunting" (Voenizdat, 1957) and the same number of "Libraries of the novice hunter", issued by the publishing house "Physical Culture and Sports". In addition, they additionally purchased books and specially published the Tips for Beginning Hunters Guide (in the amount of the hunting minimum) in Tula.

When organizing classes on the hunting minimum in the villages, we encountered a number of difficulties due to the dispersion of hunters in the villages.

In order to cover all rural hunters with classes, we created, in addition to circles in regional centers, also training groups for village councils.

Some hunting societies (Odoevskoe, Che-Kalinskoe, Plavskoe, and others) practice special trips of the most prepared comrades to consult those engaged in rural groups. Experienced specialists were involved in the work of leading circles and as consultants.

The boards of regional societies are equipped with showcases, reminiscent of the requirements of the hunting minimum.

This spring, classes were held in all districts of the region. In Tula, the graduation of 100 students of the school of hunters created here took place. All involved in school successfully passed tests, after which a new recruitment of students was made.

In all regional societies, commissions for accepting offsets for the hunting minimum have been created, their composition has been approved by the regional council of the company.

In the Shchekino hunting society (chairman comrade Drobyshev), at first, they went wrong to test the readiness of the hunters according to the requirements of the hunting minimum. In this area, the commission was created from inexperienced hunters and conducted the work formally. It was necessary to dissolve the commission, and to cancel its decisions concerning 25 hunters.

In order to draw the attention of hunters to the work being carried out, open letters were sent to all of them, explaining the meaning of the entered hunting minimum and telling about the order of testing the knowledge of the hunting minimum.

In winter, they held a regional meeting of the leaders of the regional societies of hunters. There it was found that separate societies — Efremovskoye (chairman comrade Kanishev), Donskoye (chairman comrade Abramov), Venevskoye (chairman comrade Chumakov) did not carry out this work energetically enough and many members of the society were not covered by study groups. As can be seen, this was affected by the unusual nature of the educational and organizational work, which at first some district societies failed to cope with.

After the meeting, work in the districts revived. In these societies, a record was taken of those who wish to engage in circles, and from April, commissions have already begun to accept offsets.

A wide organization of hunting minimum classes, especially in the village, is a complicated matter. But the results of this work have a beneficial effect on the entire work of society, contribute to the rise of the activity of hunting societies to a new, higher level. Detailed information about stains on polished marble and their removal