Starlink Battle for Atlas Tips Walkthrough # 015


Schroeder MK.2, Schroeder, Gauss Gan MK.2

The most basic type of damage. It does not have unique properties. The only thing he can do is knock the enemy down when your damage is high enough. Works well against all enemies, whether they are vulnerable to ice or fire.


Below you can find a list of all damage combinations. Here you can find information about their use and requirements to achieve a certain effect.


Fire or overheating and cold or frost.

The combination of two opposing elements causes a small explosion, which causes great damage.


Frost and kinetics.

Frost makes enemies incredibly fragile. Shooting them with kinetic weapons, you can break them into pieces. The higher the damage, the more likely it is to cause this effect.

Cold whirlwind

Frost or cold and whirlwind

Attack the whirlwind with ice to create a frost zone that freezes everything inside it. In addition, this leads to the fact that enemies lose their shields.

Fiery whirlwind

Fire or overheating and whirlwind

Created as a cold whirlwind, but the difference here is that it sets fire to everything within its range.

Frosty breath

Cold or frost and stasis

Creates an ice shock wave that freezes all targets within its range. Works great for enemies who stand next to each other.

Fiery breath

Fire or overheating and stasis

Creates a fiery shock wave that sets fire to all targets. Works great for enemies who stand next to each other.

Legion Objects

The Legion is an evil faction that must be defeated by the heroes of Starlink. And just like the Initiative, the Legion is fighting for its influence in the Atlas. In addition to troops, they also have structures that allow them to get rich and gain influence on individual planets. In this chapter you will find information about the most important structures of the Legion that you can meet during the game.

Devil hive

This is the relatively smallest and most common structure of the Legion. On the map, you can recognize it by the characteristic hexagonal icon on the map.

Today it is the simplest construction of the Legion, which is easiest to defeat. Destroying them requires you to shoot red balls that are part of the hive. These characteristic gabled designs are extremely poorly protected. They are guarded only by groups of demons. Their destruction should not cause the slightest problem. Daily audience of the resource is growing, which allows a girl to find a guy, and guys to meet girls go to sex cams for free adult XXX shows, Amateur sexy girls Wirth on webcam 100% free live broadcasts of girls. Porn videos with young people. Beautiful sex of young girls and boys. Watch online and download free porn videos with young couples. Beautiful girls look just amazing mistresses with whom it is wildly pleasant to have sex.