Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Tips - Mission: Boss Lawrence

In the previous part of the guide, we described the victory over the last boss in the "Old Hunters", but there was one more - optional. This is Lawrence, the first pastor.

Third cerebral fluid

Go to the lamp of the research room and go into the room designated as the 1st floor of the laboratory. Inside, you will notice that the chair is now empty, and Adeline has turned into a strange creature and lies next to the door. Talk to the NPC, and when he asks for another brain fluid, attack the recumbent.

Take the item, wait until Adeline comes back to life and gives her the last Brain fluid. As a reward, you will receive the Knowledge of the Madman and the Milkweed Rune (a slight increase in item discoveries).

Having lost about half his life points, Orfan Kos will move on to the second part of the battle, in which he fights much more aggressively. Be especially careful with the attack of the enemy in combination with strong blows. Also avoid electric attacks - in such a situation, run away from places where sparks appear. Also note that enemy bombs now have a longer range.

In the second phase of the battle, the boss will start using wings

In this part of the battle, try to position yourself behind the enemy with the correct evasion. Orphan Kos now also uses a strong air attack. If you can avoid this, you can strike a few blows.

After a hard battle, you will get a new weapon - the Spit Parasite. Go to the character from the black smoke near the lamp and attack her. You will watch the final scene of the Old Hunters, but the extra boss still remains. Now you can light a new lamp - Beach.

After equipping a new rune, the character's appearance changes

Put on a new rune and move to the lamp of the Fishing Village. From this place, go to the Astral Tower, where you fought with Lady Mary. Along the way, you will meet a peaceful character with whom you can talk. As a reward you will receive a new item - Cursed Pot.

Boss: Lawrence, First Pastor

If you previously raised the Lawrence's Skull, then go to the Hunter Nightmare lamp and go to the Cathedral, where you previously found the Eye-shaped Pendant. Right at the entrance to the building you will find the Valtra call point. Approach the altar and a scene will begin during which your last opponent in The Old Hunters comes to life.

Get ready for a really hot fight

The battle with Laurenc is very similar to the clash with Cleric Beast in the base version of the game. His main attack is punches, but watch out for jumps and attempts to catch your character. Also pay attention to the explosions of fire during some boss attacks.

Before the battle, you should wear clothes and runes with high fire resistance, and during the battle, hold on to Lorentz and attack his legs. At the second stage of the battle, boss attacks will become stronger and more aggressive, but tactics remain unchanged.