Tips for completing Darksiders: Genesis - Guides and tips for the game # 008

Buttons and purple stones (War Shock Glove)

The following elements that you will encounter while studying the chapters are the ground buttons, which you cannot activate in the initial stages. And here the shock glove comes to the rescue, which the War will win in chapter 7 of the game. Charging and getting into it will lead to an increase in the War, which will allow you to get to new places.

It will look like characteristic violet stones called shock crystals. Initially, you will not be able to do anything with them, but after receiving a shock glove, you will be able to destroy them and discover new objects and passages.

Cave of Ashes: Opening Gates, Seals, Riddles

Story puzzles in the second stage of the game.

While playing Darksiders: Genesis, you will encounter many puzzles. Below are the ones you can find on the way to the boss in the second chapter. The first obstacle will be a closed passage. To move on, you need to perform a series of actions to open them.

To do this, start by raising the explosive ball, the so-called explosive, which you then place on the wall on the right.

After some time, an explosion will occur that will reveal the blue crystal. Define both crystals with the Warp Sword of War, and then hit them one by one. Thus, you will open the passage to the next place.

Reaching the boss, riddles riddles

Having passed through the gate with which the puzzle was connected, you will reach the arena with which you will go to other locations.

The goal is to go through three places in a row. In each of them you will meet a large group of opponents that must be eliminated.

Then go to the seals in the ground and activate them. You must activate three seals in this way.

Being in the location to the left of the main arena, you may have problems tracking your way back. Then, on the platform on the left, go down a bit and find the ball, thanks to which you will return to the previous place.

For medium printing, you have to solve the puzzle. Start by using a warp sword on a bowl of fire, then move it two more. When they are set on fire, take an explosive ball and throw it so that it touches the fire and falls on the wall. This will open the seal.

You get to the last seal by grabbing the explosive bullet with the spectral crescent of the War and throwing it into the wall. After the explosion, you can go upstairs.

Go down, jump over the abyss on the right and get to the locked gate. Drop the second bomb at the point on the right. Now return the War to the wall you were recently on, and drop the warp sword so that it flies through the fire bowl and hits the portal. After a while, he will fly out through the second hole and press the lever, which will open the passage. Pharmacy Mall Coupon