Self-analysis, as a way to change the view of yourself

There are moments in life when everything around is so annoying that you want to close deep inside yourself. Having missed a lot of opportunities and not showing oneself in communicating with other people, it is worth thinking about what is the problem? Is it really not enough strength, energy, opportunity? I want to learn to understand others, even more I want to be understood, respected, loved.
To understand this, you need to start analyzing yourself, digging from the very beginning, from childhood. And maybe the whole thing in education? What kind of relationship did you have with your parents? How did you communicate, how often, what topics were covered? Or has society done its job? Remember how your friends, acquaintances, peers treated you?
Of course, to notice the mistakes and shortcomings of other people easier than their own. But no matter how difficult it is, you need to start analyzing yourself. Try to remember how in a particular situation, with you in the center of events, other people treated you in childhood. In most cases, due to lack of attention or something else, at a young age a mental trauma is formed that interferes with further normal communication. As a rule, such people change their outlook, they close in themselves with the thought “I haven’t achieved anything, I won’t be able”, or another common problem, they start to compare themselves with others. “Someone is better than me, he can, but I don’t ".
If, after self-examination, a person understands that others perceive him differently than he tries to seem, you need to think, or maybe you need to present yourself differently? Suddenly, the inability to properly assess themselves underestimates or overestimates his self-esteem. Also, the cause may be excessive restraint. Do not be afraid to express themselves, even if you hear the conviction, do not need to be closed in yourself. It is much better to take into account all the shortcomings, and correct.
So, to change the style of communication, you need to get rid of the communication scheme built in childhood. You need to accept others as they are, and most importantly yourself. It is important to realize that each person is unique, each has their own lifestyle and communication. It is not always worth literally taking every word, let alone judging a person, according to the words spoken by him. To learn not to be timid, and not to close in oneself. Not always the events happening around depend on those with whom they occur, but the behavior of these people depends only on themselves. Learn to see your mistakes, learn to analyze yourself and learn from this, learn to present yourself as you want to see yourself in the eyes of others. The most complete selection of top girl porn chat is your chance to meet and chat with girls as they perform amazing shows on their webcam live.