Senior and Medium Pair Draw - Flop

Online poker players are very familiar with the situation when on the flop one of the pocket cards makes the top pair or the pocket over pair makes your hand quite profitable compared to the hands of the opponents. However, to get the maximum profit from such a combination is possible only if you follow certain tips.
The main advice from professionals is the strength of your pair. Always evaluate the strength of your hand. Do not forget that in each situation you will have different opportunities. If you have a pair of tens, then you should be wary of any picture on the common table, so you will have to play the most aggressive draw. If the player does not have a ready set-type hand, he is likely to respond to such aggression with a Paz. Thus, it becomes clear that in some cases you just need to lead an aggressive rally to protect your hand and your money, which you put into the bank.
Regardless of how dangerous the flop is, a slow draw will be a mistake. You have to play aggressive, if you decide to continue the fight, or to throw your cards and press the fold button, which is very well known to online poker players. Another point you need to pay special attention to is the power of the kicker. This is if you flopped a pair with one of your pocket cards on the flop. Always pay attention to the fact that even a very strong pair with a small kicker can cause you big losses. The higher the kicker, the stronger you can count your combination. If you do not have a pocket pair ready preflop, try to enter the rally only with a card that could become a strong kicker if the flop matches.
It is very important to pay attention to the number of rivals included in the bank. Top pair, as well as over pair, is always considered a strong combination, but with a minimum number of rivals. With a lot of opponents you should not make big bets with such a hand. Even on the flop, you should try to drop opponents out of the game, otherwise reaching the river will be just dangerous for you. If the opponent gains, your pair will lose.
Despite the fact that many poker players do not adhere to the basics of the basic strategy, most poker players still try to perform actions according to the strength of their hands. If the flop is empty-trash and your opponent shows unexpected aggression - this is a reason to be wary. When a player did not take the initiative preflop and dry flop, he checks / raises, this indicates that he has collected the finished hand. All moves eloquently speak about the strength of your opponents, but not all players can analyze them correctly. Very often, on such a flop, opponents can play semi-bluff, so you can try to knock them out of the game with a good big raise.
From this we can conclude that the type of the flop greatly influences the tactic of a draw. Wood flops that can be straight or flush can be very dangerous. You have to defend your pair by playing aggressively so that your opponent simply does not benefit from calling your bets.
Also a more optimal solution in the form of aggression will be the drawing of a rainbow flop. You can bet / raise on a flop with medium pair overpairs. If there are quite a few opponents, you can choose push / raise tactics. You should also always evaluate the power of the kicker. If you have a small kicker, you should be as careful as possible, if aggression comes from your opponents, it is best to fold the cards. If small pairs do not get a boost on the flop, then they also need to be thrown off, especially if your opponents are playing a very aggressive game. If you learn how to fold cards that are not promising for further play, you will save most of your bankroll. Try to be very careful when choosing your starting hands, then it will be easier for you to play them on the flop. fort lauderdale electrician