Recommendations for writing a selling text

Often, authors writing selling texts spend most of their time developing and searching for their own writing style. Forgetting about the main thing: the quality content of the advertising text. You can play around with words or use popular expressions, quotes of famous people. But all this is not enough for a brief and clear transfer of the main idea of ​​the selling text. The reader will view the test for no more than 1-2 seconds. And in this short moment, the advertising text should hook it, and make it buy your product.
For the consumer is extremely important to the benefits that you have to show him. Use short, well-defined phrases, be specific. This 100% selling text should be of interest to the potential buyer, carry some true idea, news. The value of such a text is in its unconditional sincerity. All the work on writing a selling text can be divided into several stages.
Product information.
Collect maximum information about the product that you are advertising. Talk with colleagues and the manufacturer, if necessary, visit the production. This will help you build an advertising concept, give a deep understanding of the product, its production method and fresh ideas for its promotion. Explore the market, or look through ready-made market research, statistical data is the ability to assess the important qualities of the product for the buyer. Collect information and assess the strengths and weaknesses of advertising campaigns of competing firms. Learn the history of previous product campaigns, what were the successes?
Creating a selling text.
The real mastery of writing sales texts is not the ability to correctly formulate a thought with the help of words. This kind of speech of the lawyer at the trial. And the defendant is your product, for which you must obtain the most favorable conditions, and a successful outcome of the case. Never forget about your ultimate goal - to make the buyer pay attention and purchase the product! Therefore - concentrate on this main idea. There is a mistake that can prevent you from creating a real selling text - the desire to make an impression. The impression and really working text is not the same thing.
Suppose you are writing a selling text about baby strollers. Think what a real mom might be interested in expecting a child, what kind of stroller would she want for her baby? What can you offer her? This is the main idea of ​​your advertising, for which the entire advertising text is written. It is important as much as possible to bring all the details. What is your strong evidence that your stroller is better than others? Why should buy this particular product? Show all the attractive aspects of the product. What impression should arise after reading the selling text? Ultimately, the product must be willing to buy.