Autumn Cake with Chanterelles

In the autumn, you can please yourself with some thematic pastries typical of this season. So, for example, on any autumn day, you can please yourself, as well as your family or friends, with a wonderful cake cooked with chanterelle stuffing.
To make an autumn cake with chanterelles you will need components such as:
- thick homemade sour cream (two tablespoons);
- vegetable oil (to your taste);
- salt finely ground (at its discretion);
- Oil, chilled, unsalted butter (130 ml);
- high-grade wheat flour (320 g);
- raw chicken egg of choice (one piece);
- Baking soda (half tbsp);
- onions juicy (two heads of medium size);
- Fresh chanterelles (320 g).
In addition, for the autumn cake filled with chanterelles, you will need to make a special filling, and for this you will need components such as:
- hard cheese (56 g);
- fresh any spicy greens (to your taste);
- thick homemade sour cream (125 g);
- favorite spices (to your taste);
- salt (to your taste);
- Fresh chicken egg (one piece).
Small cubes cut into well-cooled butter, then wheat flour should be poured into the same dish and chopped up into small pieces. In another bowl, combine with a thick cream one raw egg, pour baking soda in the required quantity, then salt it all and whisk thoroughly with a whisk.
In a chopped mass of butter and flour, you should add a cream-egg mixture, prepare the dough with a completely homogeneous, non-sticky and very smooth consistency.
About thirty minutes into the refrigerator chamber, send the prepared dough, at the same time you can also do chanterelles, which you need to boil until fully prepared, after washing. By the way, even more delicious filling will be if it is further fried with chopped very finely, onions.
Grease the baking sheet with vegetable oil, distribute the dough in this container, then spread evenly fried chanterelles with onion.
After that, you can do the preparation of a special pot for autumn cake, and to do this, put thick cream in some free container, add the last egg, then lightly salt it, add fresh chopped greens and spices if desired.
Spread the prepared filling on top, then add the grated cheese, which should be poured evenly, then put the autumn cake with chanterelles in the oven for thirty minutes and bake at full temperature until ready to cook.