Passage of game Enemy Front. Mission 14 - Fire from the Sky # 005

After the situation calms down, go to the point of allocation near the MG tower and install the transmitter of your late satellite on it.

Going on a further journey, it is good to complete the secondary task, which should only be activated now. You have to destroy two enemy searchlights located in this area. It is best to do this with your machine gun. The first spotlight is located on the right side, on top of the iron structure.

The second is located on the left side, on a small elevation. The focus is on two fairly large containers and a couple of trees.

Cross the entire bridge and enter the opposite building. You can move around without fear, because for some time there will be no enemies - they all died during a collision with your MG.

Having passed along the corridor, you will reach the stairs - use them to get to the first floor and exit through the doors to the street.

Having reached the surface, you will immediately be drawn into battle. You should see German anti-aircraft mounts. Yes, you already guessed - another additional task requires that you kill their crew and detonate the firing points with explosives. Nothing so simple. First things first, you should obviously get rid of the AA crew.

Having cleared AA from its crew, go up to it and attach explosives to it. Having set the timer, immediately run away from the place of the potential explosion and head for the second weapon, performing the same actions as with the first.

After the goal has been marked in your journal as fulfilled, the time has come to continue the journey. Head towards the marker on your map, run uphill - shortly after you get to the giant test square.

The Germans are preparing to launch huge missiles, and only you can stop them from doing this. Without further ado, break into the territory of the object.

Aim carefully with your sniper rifle - as this weapon is recommended here - and eliminate the guards at the facility. There are many of them, and that is why you should stay at a distance, and not charge them with your shotgun.

At the very end, it's time to take care of the enemy officer who was responsible for overseeing the launch of this deadly rocket. You can get to it in a small building, which serves the purpose of the control center.

When the surrounding area is safe enough, go to a huge rocket and place the explosives in a clearly visible place by pressing and holding the interaction button.

Return to where you killed the German officer. Inside the building you will find cars or, more precisely, one button - clicking on it will bury all Nazi plans for war.

After pressing and holding the interaction button, you have nothing left to release the keyboard and mouse and lean back in the chair. In the same way, you changed the fate of World War II. Congratulations!

After that, a short splash screen will begin. It's time to return to Warsaw, where the last two chapters of the single player campaign take place. casino minsta insättning