Priapism is a disease with persistent pathological erection that is not associated with sexual arousal, but usually does not go away after sexual intercourse. This is a very rare disease, it appears only in men.
The causes of priapism are all kinds of injuries, as well as various diseases, these include: spinal fractures, spinal cord inflammation, severe injuries and minor tumors on the penis, infectious diseases, spinal decelerators, various sclerosis, exogenous poisonings. Most often, priapism occurs with leukemia and thrombosis, due to a sharp interruption of sexual intercourse.
Clinic for priapism. There is only tension of the cavernous bodies in the penis, the urethra, spongy bodies and the head of the penis in erections do not matter. Member visually takes the form of a curved arc, the back surface adjacent to the stomach. The feeling of pain in the penis and perineum is strong and insignificant. Edema and redness of the skin on the penis, which leads to discomfort, irritability of the patient. Urination painless, normal.
Priapism is divided into acute and chronic. Acute priapism is characterized by an unexpected onset, there is a sharp tension in the penis, the penis becomes hard as a stone, an unbearable, severe, sometimes constantly aching pain is noted, swelling increases, the penis becomes strongly red, and sometimes it turns blue. Against the background of edema, the patient may have fever, weakness, the patient is forced to take a forced position from pain, curled up on the bed, the patient can hardly move, which prevents them from living and communicating normally. This condition can last from one hour to a month. Chronic priapism is accompanied by a lack of orgasm with erection, severe pain in the perineum, the penis increases in size due to severe edema, reddens, the patient feels that something is bale in the penis, the temperature rises, the patient has a feeling of weakness, weakness, irritability , the patient tries to lie down more, as the pain increases when walking. This can go on for many years.
Treatment. When outpatient treatment, cold is used, it is recommended to use large doses of bromides, narcotic drugs, antibiotic therapy, omnopon solution, morphine, enemas, short-term use of ether anesthesia, sometimes use novocaine blockade, practice the use of leeches. For relief of severe pain incision of the albumin of the root of the penis for the discharge of clots of stagnant blood. More effective methods are surgical interventions in specialized institutions.
The prognosis for priapism is favorable. Over time, the pain disappears, and the penis becomes soft and becomes normal Canlı maç izletebilen ve para kazandıran bir site: betwinner giriş .